MHACY complies with various federal, state and local regulations in administering its housing programs.

The administration of its public housing program is governed by its Admissions and Continued Occupancy Policy (“ACOP”). Click here to see a copy of that policy.

The administration of its Housing Choice Voucher Program, sometimes referred to as the Section 8 Program, is governed by its Administrative Plan. Click here to see a copy of that plan.

MHACY is obligated via federal law to create a Five Year Plan, which is a comprehensive guide to its policies, programs, operations, and identifies its strategies for meeting local housing needs and goals. Click here to see a copy of that plan.

MHACY distributes a Resident Newsletter periodically. The Newsletter includes information about a wide variety of issues, including seasonal tips, updates on redevelopment work, and new policy initiatives. You can access the most recent copy of the Resident Newsletter & archives by clicking here.