Public housing was established to provide decent and safe rental housing for eligible low-income families, the elderly, and persons with disabilities. Due to the advanced age of most of MHACY’s public housing developments, significant capital improvements were required by 2015. As a result, the MHACY Board of Commissioners determined to participate in a HUD initiative called the Rental Assistance Demonstration (“RAD”) which allowed the Authority to ensure the long term quality, viability and sustainability of its housing stock by investing millions of dollars in rehabilitation projects. Today, many of the original public housing properties are now RAD properties. MHACY’s only remaining public housing sites are Joseph F. Loehr Court, Ross F. Calcagno Homes, and a small number of units at Cottage Place Gardens.

The RAD developments have all utilized low-income tax credits, bonds, and other tools to finance their rehabilitation efforts and ensure the long term quality, viability and sustainability of their housing stock. The improvements included everything from the installation of new boilers, roofs and windows, to the repair and/or replacement of elevators, to new kitchens and baths. Entranceways were repaired and/or reconstructed, security systems were updated, as were hallways and common areas. Outdoor space was improved by the addition of new playgrounds, basketball courts, and gardens. Most of the work was done with our residents in place. All residents who were temporarily relocated due to the construction were welcomed to return, and assisted in their relocation efforts. MHACY continues to manage all of its original properties, although the ownership structure has changed. Today, the RAD properties include the following:

The Dr. James O’Rourke Townhouses, the Hon. A. J. Doran Sr. Townhouses, the Raleigh Valentine Townhouses, the Andrew Smith Townhouses, the Judge Albert Fiorillo Townhouses, the Lawrence Christopher Townhouses, and the Francis Reagan Townhouses are all managed by MHACY and owned by Seven Townhomes, L.P. The townhouses are family units.

Charles L. Curran Court, James E. Hall Homes, and Angelo R. Martinelli Manor are all managed by MHACY and owned by Yonkers Senior Apartments LLC. Curran and Martinelli are senior developments, while Hall Homes is a family site.

Palisade Towers, William A. Walsh Homes, and John E. Flynn Manor are all managed by MHACY and owned by Yonkers Preservation LLC. Palisade Towers is a family site, while Walsh and Flynn are senior developments.

Msgr. Cajetan J. Troy Manor and Kris Kristensen Homes are all managed by MHACY and owned by Troy Kristensen, L.P. Both Troy and Kristensen are senior sites.

Public Housing Properties

Cottage Place.jpg
Cottage Place Gardens, Cottage Gardens, Yonkers, NY, United States
The Cottage Place Gardens complex is being redeveloped, and all of the buildings originally const...
10 Western Avenue, Yonkers, NY, United States
Loehr Court is located in the Ludlow Park neighborhood, and consists of twenty two-story building...
10 Brook Street, Yonkers, NY, United States
The Calcagno Homes are located in Nodine Hill, near the downtown area. The area boasts of its ple...
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