MHACY is the second largest public housing authority in the NYC area.

The Authority administers a Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) Program, and under that program over 2,700 apartments are leased by our participants in units owned by over 800 private landlords.
MHACY also owns and/or manages over 2000 apartments that are located within eighteen properties that are situated throughout Yonkers. With the benefit of HUD’s Rental Demonstration Program (“RAD”), MHACY initiated the redevelopment of its entire public housing portfolio, so that their longstanding capital needs could be addressed. Of the original eighteen properties, there are only two in which redevelopment efforts have not begun and/or are not completed altogether. MHACY anticipates completing the rehabilitation of its entire portfolio by 2021.

MHACY has also partnered with private developers to develop over 400 affordable apartments in Yonkers. These properties are privately managed and operated under agreements with the State of New York and MHACY. The properties maintain site based waiting lists and applicants must apply at these sites separately.

To review the location of all properties owned and/or managed by MHACY, or affiliated with MHACY, so to the Properties section of this website.