An innovative green infrastructure plan developed by Groundwork Hudson Valley in partnership with The Municipal Housing Authority for the City of Yonkers (MHACY) has been awarded an up to $900,000 grant to prevent heat islands and flooding at Housing Authority properties.

The grant announcement was made on December 14 by Gov. Kathy Hochul’s office and the Environmental Facilities Corporation. The grant was awarded to The Mulford Corporation, a nonprofit established under the legal authority of MHACY.

“We are grateful to Governor Kathy Hochul and the State of New York for their progressive policies that work to correct past actions that have adversely affected our communities,’’ said Wilson Kimball, President and CEO of MHACY. “This program with our partner Groundwork Hudson Valley will not only improve conditions for our residents, but will create jobs in our community for young people interested in environmental justice and green careers. We are excited to get started.”

“EFC is very pleased to award a green grant to support this important environmental justice project,” EFC President & CEO Maureen A. Coleman said. “EFC is committed to awarding water quality funding to the communities that need it most. EFC thanks Governor Hochul for increasing green infrastructure grant funding this year to provide innovative solutions for more communities across New York State.

Brigitte Griswold, Groundwork’s Executive Director, who is leading a broader Climate Safe Neighborhoods Partnership with the city, said “MHACY is at the forefront of creating a more climate resilient environment for our great city of Yonkers. They embrace a community driven approach and work closely with us to ensure that we are able to meet with actual residents and learn about their immediate and long-term concerns for their health, safety, and comfort and that of their families, friends, and neighbors.’’

Under the plan, native trees and shrubs will be planted to create natural shade and bioswales will be created to improve stormwater management at the Dr. James O’Rourke Townhouses, Francis Reagan Townhouses, William A. Walsh Homes, Joseph F. Loehr Court, Kris Kristensen Homes, and Msgr. Cajetan J. Troy Manor in Yonkers.

The project will use the Green Team — a youth conservation employment program at Groundwork Hudson Valley that hires 30 Yonkers Public High School students every year.